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NITROSWING is proud to introduce one of the most important advancements in golf training in decades.  The NITROSWING is a sport specific golf swing training machine that amplifies all the necessary elements to learn the golf swing.  Part exercise machine, part swing instructor, part practice range, the NITROSWING is the only training system that can "diagnose, instruct, develop, and build" the swing that creates high speed power that delivers massive distance with laser accuracy. 

Swinging a weighted bat slows down the swing sequence.  No other swing training device can allow you to swing with resistance and the correct muscular sequence.

Frequent training with high-resistance, high-velocity yields an uncanny physiological effect that trains the muscles to contract at higher speeds.

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What makes the NITROSWING so powerful and effective is the specifically designed parts that make up the machine.  From top to bottom, every part on the NITROSWING has a specifically designed purpose that contributes to the experience.  The golf club has specific parts and they are designed to do things.  They feel and sound a certain way, and the NITROSWING has these parts represented and incorporated as well.  The NITROSWING not only imitates the golf swing mechanics, but also mimics it in feel and sound.  If a swing training machine doesn't look, feel, and sound like swinging a golf club, it is highly unlikely you will swing it like a golf club and train on it for the golf swing.  It's that simple.  

    So…looking at the parts, described is quick list of these individual features and benefits from them.  

Head- Like the golf club, the head is a weighted end that contributes to the feel of the swing motion.  It has inertia and momentum.  The NITROSWING has a HEAD weight that is tunable and adjustable to provide "feel" of a driver, mid-iron, or wedge.  Just like the club it exhibits inertia and momentum swing attributes that feel like a club during rotation.

Shaft- The golf club has a shaft and so does the NITROSWING.  Just like the club it has a tapered design that has flex, torque, and weight to it.  It permits a certain amount of energy to be stored in bending and twisting during the acceleration of the swing motion to be captured and returned at the end of the swing.  As well as having shaft like properties it also has three attachment points that change the lie angle of these different club lengths and create swing plane changes.

NITROSHOX-  The nitrogen gas pressured shocks are used for resistance.  These custom shocks provide the progressive resistance for the NITROSWING high speed swing action.  Unlike traditional weights that use gravity and exhibit high amounts of inertia, momentum, centrifugal/centripetal forces, the NITROSHOX enable high resistance and high velocity at the same time.  No other form of resistance can duplicate the feel they produce.  While other "swing machines" in the past used mechanical springs or elastomers that felt spastic or springy, the NITROSHOX gives a controlled smooth power delivery like a club being accelerated through the swing.

Compression Arm- This is the lower part of the rotational portion of the shaft.  Like the "grip" of the shaft, it is where one end of the NITROSHOX are attached.  Just the same as you put force into the club at the handle, the Compression Arm takes resistance force from the NITROSHOX. and just like different sizes of clubs, it has a indexing clamping pull pin that allows the Compression Arm to be telescopic for shaft length that accommodates the swing radius of different size users.

Radial Leverage Resistance System (RLRS) this is where the NITROSHOX attach to the lower portion of the compression resistance system.  It has a dual rail slide cuff design which changes the resistance by means of altering the leverage positions of the 

 NITROSHOX that attach to the slide cuffs.  Turn the knob to loosen, pull the knob to retract the indexing pin from the rail and slide the cuff to another hole in the rail, and turn it back to tighten.  This RLRS can be used with one or two NITROSHOX.  One for slower take away speed and less resistance and use two NITROSHOX for a faster take away and more resistance.  One NITROSHOX are normally used for "DIAGNOSIS" and "INSTRUCTION" phases that imitate slower and easier swing motions, and two NITROSHOX are used for "DEVELOPMENT" and BUILDING" the swing for high speed and power skill production.  Similar to swing speeds and power when swinging clubs, the RLRS matches the resistance to the speed and power you are needed for your level.

Base Legs- The vertical base legs accept the compression system via a telescopic junction and provide a match for the users pivot height requirements.  Not all golfers are the same height so the NITROSWING can be adjusted vertically as well.  These two Base Legs accept right and left handed golf swings.

Swing Plane Bracket - The upper bracket that attaches to the Base legs and to the sides of the platform is specifically formed a certain way to direct the motion of the swing plane.  Just like the swing at contact with the ball is an "inside to outside" path, the Swing Plane Bracket is formed to create the swing axis of the Shaft and Compression System to rotate correctly in an "inside to outside" motion.  It has bends on both sides and this allows both right and left handed golf swings.  As we all know this swing plane path is critical to learning the correct swing motion.  Other swing machines on the market do not have this crucial aspect and more than likely will teach the wrong motion which will actually create a slicing-hooking swing path.  This is one of the valuable attributes that increases accuracy as one learns to swing faster to produce more swing speed.

MSI Handle- The Multi Sensory Integration Handle is one of the main features that sets the NITROSWING apart from the other swing devices among others.  Having a dual laser system comprising one laser emitting from the tip, and one coming out of the back of the handle, visual information is provided to the user.  The back laser provides body rotation and initial swing plane direction, and the tip provides hand position information.  A special laser "line generator" turns the tip laser "dot" into a line which provides hand rotation information as well as path direction.  The "sliding shackle" design can rotate the grip freely and slides 1 inch up and down the handle shaft for an audible and tactile "feel" of striking the ball that is important for timing.  The MSI Handle gives "see, hear, feel" information every rep and works in conjunction with the Target Board to increase accuracy.

Target Board- The Target Board is specially designed for interactive learning with visual information.  A white under-board is coated with a special phosphorescent coating (glow in the dark) which the UV laser in the MSI handle literally "lights up the swing path" as the UV laser "excites" the coating and leaves a glow trail for reference.  A lexan sheet covers and protects the coating and also provides a surface in which dry eraser markers are used to instruct the user with patterns and directions that are applied.  Providing a visual "real time" feedback mechanism in the form of visual swing path and club face from the MSI Handle, the information from the Target Board is crucial for "perfect practice" and the "DIAGNOSIS" and "INSTRUCTION" phases of learning the golf swing.  This visual information is amplified more than what the actual golf club since the laser information is very bright and detectable.  Swinging it slow or fast, it provides a direct link of communication to the golfer that is normally not seen and is easily understood.

Turf- The base also has professional grade artificial turf that 1.25" thickness provides firm footing, comfortable feel, good traction, while enabling high usage.

Swivel Blocks- The "pulleys" are made of super light weight composite materials that handle 600 lb. loads.  The ball bearing are composite as well, and never corrode or need lubrication.  These "pulleys" special feature are the sound they emit when the sheave "wheel" is turned from the swing motion and Dyneema line is pulled through it activating the shaft.  When you swing a club, you hear it don't you?  It sounds different when you swing it fast or slow doesn't right? This is great information that the golfer can hear just like the club "shwooshing" through the air and just like the club the bearing sound changes with the speed of the swing.  Not only do you see and feel speed, now you can hear it too.

Dyneema Line- This specifically designed 12-strand Dyneema Composite rope is the most strongest and durable ropes on the planet.  Super lightweight, flexible, and has an ultra low stretch capacity that transmits the Head weight and Shaft flex load feel right to your hands.  Duty cycles on bending capabilities for this rope far exceed that of traditional nylon covered steel wire designs and is 5X stronger on top of that.

    It is a collaborative collection of well thought out pieces and parts that have a synergistic effect.  Just like the club has parts and features that provide information, so does the NITROSWING.  However the parts of the NITROSWING have features that not only mimic and duplicate, they amplify the experience for faster learning, higher club head speed, and swing path consistency.  

    The NITROSWING is not just an ordinary swing machine just like the ones in the past.  If the others really worked, they would be very popular and still used all the time.  Also, with all the simulators, launch monitors, and data capturing devices instituted these days to analyze the golf swing and ball flight, there would be objective data to support claims from training on them.  We have our data of test subjects in all categories and the NITROSWING produces results 100% of the time.

    You can't get the swing of the future with the equipment of the past.

What is the NITROSWING?

The NITROSWING delivers world class long drive swing power with laser precision accuracy.  No other golf fitness product, program, or system produced the results the NITROSWING has shown.  The NITROSWING was developed by Frank Campitelli, an innovator and pioneer in the fitness industry, certified personal trainer, and Remax World Long Drive Championship finalist and will debut this January at the 2014 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando. The NITROSWING was developed for golf with “pin point laser” application.  The feat of turning the golf swing into an exercise movement that is fueled by “nitro” and guided by lasers is one of the most innovative training devices ever witnessed in the golf industry.  The initial thrust in development of the NITROSWING was to leverage the high speed – high resistance attributes of the Titan 1000 (another NitroForce product) designed for speed and power, but in a perfect biomechanical golf swing.  The NITROSWING has been tested for over three years with hundreds of golfers and has had a 100% success rate in delivering more distance and accuracy.  The results the NITROSWING provides from "training" cannot be learned by conventional instruction and is the only product that can "diagnose", "instruct", "develop" and "build" the golf swing. Making the NITROSWING more than just an exercise device that does the golf swing, it uses a revolutionary dual laser guided Multi-Sensory Integration (MSI) handle that provides visual, auditory, and tactile feedback information (see, hear, feel). Seeing "swing plane", "swing path", "face angle" and feeling "impact position" provides the ability to correctly diagnose swing problems on the fly in real time teaching correct swing patterns and further develop the automation of the swing with high frequency interaction.  Once the golfers swing is "dialed in", build the swing with more speed and power by increasing the intensity with additional high velocity nitrogen gas resistance. The NITROSWING didn’t just raise the bar on golf swing training aids, it has gone to another level to go beyond normal limits.  

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Looking for distance, accuracy, and consistancy. It has been proven over and over that the NITROSWING training is effective for golfers 100% of the time.