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Instruction Verses Training Platform

    When comparing to different styles of personal service in the field of physical and educational growth and learning, there are two different types of application for the customer/client.  Instruction based learning and training based learning.  For the most part, these two learning platforms are lumped together but should be separated on two major points.  Actually there is a cause and effect relationship because of the way they are learned.

    Instructional based learning is teaching and providing education to be acquired and then implemented.  It is demonstrated by the teacher/instructor and understood how, why, when, it is to be used.  It is committed to memory and then utilized.  If effective, it should only take a few times to be informed and shown the information and then the client uses it on there own.  In this case we will use the golf instructor.  He shows technique, provides instruction, he demonstrates, and then the client retains the info and uses it to golf better.  If it takes too long the client abandons the instructor not finding the information and demonstration useful and not valuable and then finally ends the sessions.  If the instructor is really good he conveys the information quickly and the client does well with the instruction and demonstration and gets results and feels he has accomplished the goal and no longer needs the instructor.  In both scenarios the customer/client 95% of time does not continue long term whether he gets results or not.

    This is because the information is based on memory and does not need to be continually reintroduced to the stimulus to increase skill.  Seek, understand, implement, get results on their own time.  Simple short formula.

    Now let's look at the other method of learning, or acquiring skills.

    The Training based instruction is providing education, but the results are a result of participation and skills interaction.  This cannot just be committed to memory as physical skills can only be attained as a result of interaction and can only be measured as a result of action.  In this case we will look at the Personal Trainer.  It looks like he is doing the same thing as the Golf Instructor but is quite different.  The Trainer puts the client through the physical aspects and results are directly related to action and implementation.  If the client does NOT perform the action there are no results.  It up to the client to "show up" and "do it" to get results.  If the client gets results he comes back for more as he understands the formula.  Show up, interact, get results, and repeat.  If no results, the client abandons the training feeling that it is not worth the time and money.  If they do get results, they are compelled to come back REPEATEDLY because it is the only way they can get the RESULTS.  Skills of a physical nature require repeated usage and cannot be just "committed to memory" there is a constant rehearsal of the skill enactment.

    So what is the real difference?  CUSTOMER/CLIENT RETENTION AND LOYALTY!  Personal trainers have long been known to have clients the they keep for long periods of time.  A long term relationship has a much higher probability with the TRAINING BASED LEARNING than the INSTRUCTION BASED LEARNING model.  And that is a big difference between having to continually cultivate new clients and a lot of time and effort in doing so with instruction based learning and generating a few clients that are loyal and not have to focus on drumming up new business.  Not to mention the personal interaction and trust that develops with longer term interaction that further stems loyalty and retention.

    So, how can the Golf Instructor benefit from this model?  Switch to a Training Based learning platform and increase client loyalty and retention that promotes results.  If you have retail to sell your client it has a much higher propensity to sell them your goods because they have a much higher trust in you.  Not to mention they see you a lot more and there is going to be an ongoing need as well.  

    So how does the Golf Instructor do this?  Using the NITROSWING training platform.