Golf & Baseball Swing Speed & Power Trainer



"I'm in the 11th grade and the 1 man on the Revere Golf Team.  I went through the distance program with my sister.  She went from a 160 yd drive to 200 yds!  And I went from a 270 yd drive to now averaging 300+ yds with my longest at 340 yds!!" 

                                                  ~Danny Pavlich

                                            Revere High School

"I have played golf for many years with a 4 handicap  for 18 holes at Sharon CC.  I went through the distance program and quickly enrolled my son after I began.  My club head speed started with a driver at 113 mph and at the end of 10 sessions was as high as 127 mph.  My normal swing averaged at 122 mph.  My scores were similar but the game was a lot more fun!  I highly recommend  distance training with the Nitroswing."


                                                   ~Chris Kayafas

                                                            Bath, OH

"I bought the Nitroswing Trainer and had it completely paid for in  only 8 days!"

                                                   ~Mark Eldridge

                                         Kelly's Driving Range